Welcome to Nagoya, Japan and my life.
Let me tell you about my life and Nagoya. But I'm sorry, I write broken English...
It is the very first time!
I bought clothes on American Eagle web.

I imported clothes for the very first time.

I enjoyed shopping this time, so I think I would like to import something special again.

I live in Nagoya, but I can get American brand.

Internet is great!!!
Japanese comics
I went to movie theater to watch Japanese movie "Dororo" last Sunday.
The original is a comic book of Osamu Tezuka.
Do you know Osamu Tezuka?
For example..."Astro Boy", "Princess Knight", "Phoenix" etc...


The Japanese actor Satoshi Tsumabuki and the Japanese actress Kou Shibazaki played the leading role.
This movie contain fusion of CG effects.

Japanese movies
Recently, I often went to movie theater to watch Japanese movie.

The first was "Bushi no ichibun".
Although it was romantic movie, I think it was Japanese spirit.
The Japanese actor Takuya Kimura most popular played the leading role.

The second was "Nana 2".
"Nana" of Japanese comics was made into a movie.

The third was "Ouoku".
It was Japanese history and romantic movie.

The three movies are very popular in Japan.
It is sunny today.

Japan is winter now.
It is cold almost every night.
It is warm all day recently, but a cold wind sometimes blow.
How about your country?