Welcome to Nagoya, Japan and my life.
Let me tell you about my life and Nagoya. But I'm sorry, I write broken English...
Lucent Tower
I went to Lucent Tower in near Nagoya station.
Lucent Tower opened in January 26, 2007.
It is an office building and a commercial institution.
It will become a foothold of business, commerce, culture and an international exchange.


Go out of an entrance


In the entrance


A courtyard
Nagoya ben
Some people speak Nagoya ben of Japanese in Nagoya.

For example, "Long time no see." in English, "Ohisashiburi desu" in Japanese and "Yattokame" in Nagoya ben.
It means that they didn't meet for eighty days.

And "Welcome" in English, "Irasshai" in Japanese, "Iryaase" in Nagoya ben.
And "You" in English, "Anata" in Japanese, "Omya-" in Nagoya ben.

I think Nagoya ben is strange and fun language.
Where is Nagoya, Japan?
Nagoya is located in the center Japan.
It takes two hours from Tokyo, fifty minutes from Osaka and forty minutes from Kyoto by the Sinkansen.

There is the Centrair Airport in the vicinity of Nagoya.


Nagoya is a convenience city!