Welcome to Nagoya, Japan and my life.
Let me tell you about my life and Nagoya. But I'm sorry, I write broken English...
My favorite Japanese writer is Haruki Murakami.
My favorite Japanese writer is Haruki Murakami. He is one of the greatest writers in Japan, and he is also a translator.
But I've never read any books that he's translated before. I love his novels.

Many people say he will get a Nobel prize for Literature in the near future.

The first book of his that I read was Norwegian Wood. This title has the same name as a Beatles song. I read his most books from "Hear the Sind Sing (Kazeno uta o kike)" to "After Dark". But I haven't read "Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World (Sekai no owari to Hard-Boiled Wonderland)" yet. I will read them in the near future.

His novels are abstract, but written with passion.
His works have been translated into many languages (over 30 countries).
I think you like them!

This month, his new novel will be published in Japan. The title is "1Q84"!!!
I'm looking forward to reading it!!!
Japanese food recipe part1 very easy!!!
It is very simple food that most Japanese love.
You only put a raw egg on rice.
It is called "Tamago kake gohan".


1. Steam rice.

2. Put steamed rice into a bowl.

3. Break a fresh raw egg on the rice. Add some soy sauce on it.

4. Stir it with chopsticks before eating.

=Another recipe=

1. and 2. is the same as the above.

3. Break a fresh raw egg into another bowl. Add some soy sauce on it and stir it with chopsticks.

4. Pour it on the rice.

Please make and eat it.
I think you also love it.:)

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Great Rock singer died.
Kiyoshiro Imawano who Japanese great rock singer died on May 2. Many Japanese loved him.

I want to be a quotation from Japan Today of web site.
Please see blow.

Japanese rock singer Imawano dies at 58


Japanese rock singer Kiyoshiro Imawano died of a lymphatic disease at a Tokyo hospital early Saturday, his office said Saturday. He was 58. Imawano, a native of Tokyo, was diagnosed with throat cancer in July 2006, and was in and out of hospital for treatment.

Imawano, who often wore makeup, led the band called the RC Succession which made its debut in 1970, and was known for his rough vocal delivery of simple lyrics. The band, which had such hits as ‘‘Ameagari no Yozora ni’’ (To the Night Sky After the Rain), stopped performing in 1991.

Click here

Japan Today (Japan news site)

His songs are filled with a soul.

Japanese will love that forever.

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Japanese Learning
If you would like to study Japanese, please show below.

These are Japanese learning sites for foreigners by the Japanese.

Japanese Lessons (by NHK)

Language Modules (by Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

I also study English on these site.

Do your best!
Of course I do my best, too!

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Weather was very sunny today, so I took Azalea's picture in my garden.

In Japan, Azalea is called "Tsutsuji".

We can see its flowers from April to May.

But I have never known...it is the national flower of Nepal...